Episode 6: Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them

January 29th, 2008

All about lies!! White ones, blue ones, etc. Also Weird News and Cliff and Kendall's History Lesson. Fun, fun, fun!

Episode 5: Bucket List

January 23rd, 2008

What do Cliff and Kendall want to do before they die? What happens when You die? Where is Cliff's burial plot? Find out!! Also, Media Minute & Mailbag!

Episode 4: Opera Winfrey Presents, Cliff and Kenda

January 16th, 2008

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, 30 Rock, Fiber One bars, dentistry, checklists, etc. Learn up on what Cliff and Kendall love most!

Episode 3: Most Annoying Podcast Ever

January 8th, 2008

Episode 2: Year in (not urine) review

January 3rd, 2008